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Meet your Anam Cara, Samantha Jo!

 “Anam” is the word for soul and “Cara” means friend. In Celtic tradition, Anam Cara is a teacher and spiritual guide with whom you can share your innermost self with, revealing the unseen aspects of your life, mind and heart. This connection allows you to feel a sense of safety & belonging.
 To be seen, understood & accepted for who you are without hiding behind a mask, leads you to become your most authentic self.

 One of the greatest gifts to this relationship is that it brings a level of awareness and healing that will guide you home to your own soul. It awakens the parts of you that are devoid of consciousness, freeing you from the burdens that prevent you from living a life filled with Peace, Love & Happiness.

 Samantha Jo is a Spiritual Therapist who uses psychodynamic theories and intuitive interventions with a spiritual edge. She coaches individuals who are seeking growth and healing in many aspects, from life transitions, relationships and careers, to self-development, self-awareness, and higher consciousness.

The individuals she mentors all have one thing in common. Pain and fear had run their lives for far too long and they were ready for a way out. At one point, they learned to bury emotions deep inside their body as a way of survival, but this backfired and caused a disconnection from self. Repressed feelings of any kind will disrupt a person’s mental health and daily life. Many tried to run from and avoid feeling uncomfortable feelings, going to great lengths to anesthetize and distract themselves, but this only casted a bigger shadow, showing up at the most inconvenient times. This lifestyle resulted in experiencing anxiety, depression, self-injury, low self-esteem, poor body image, eating disorders, substance use & food addictions to name a few. The truth is, at some point this process will no longer serve your highest good and will force you to make changes.

 Are you tired of feeling defeated, stuck in destructive cycles, filled with shame and guilt every day of your life?

Samantha Jo, lights the way for you to move through the darkness of unhealthy patterns & releasing stuck emotions. This process will break long held cycles and free you to reconnect you to your mind body & soul. You will feel relief, gratitude, confidence, self-love & the inner peace of mind that you have been searching for!
 In your willingness to embark on a powerful journey to transforming your pain into peace, you will discover who you truly are at your core and live a new way of life from a place of true connectedness to yourself, others & the world around you.

In the midst of Covid-19 we must respect the health & safety of all humans. ALL therapeutic services will be held online at this time.

Samantha Jo is a psychotherapist, psychology Educator, Mental Health Advocate & speaker in her community. She is passionate about philanthropy and uplifting humanity for the greater good. Her involvement & experience in mental health & physical/spiritual wellness has ranged through many different levels of care in a variety of settings. From wellness centers & military bases to residential ED facilities, homeless shelters & High Schools. Samantha specializes in assisting teens & adults struggling with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, substance use & self-harm, as well as providing guidance to young adults launching & transitioning into the next stage of life with school, careers & relationships.

how it all started

As a young girl, I did not have the tools to nourish myself or emotionally regulate in a healthful way. My body became a battleground for the imprisonment of abandoned emotions creating a disconnect through mind, body & spirit. Intuitively, my inner voice was screaming at me to be still. But I continued to ignore. One day I was brought to my knees unable to tolerate any more pain. My gut instinct told me that there was more to life than suffering & it was time to make a positive change. I began to cultivate an honest relationship to self and spirit. That whatever I was feeling, needed to be felt & not dismissed. I needed to honor my truth, so that I could heal. I began practicing therapeutic techniques, meditation, mindfulness, movement & intuitive eating as a way to nourish & reconnect the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual body. I detoxed from anything that was contaminating this connection & nurtured myself in ways that strengthened my life force. The more I honored what felt right & met my inner needs, the stronger & more clear my connection to self & spirit became. The result of all of this was a homecoming. On the other side of the pain, you come home to yourself, Within that home, resides, safety, stillness, breath, understanding, worthiness, warmth, serenity, forgiveness, love, compassion, peace & happiness. This work, helped me create a road map for others to find their way back home to themselves too. It is an honor to be part of your journey returning to the home within you. 
Love & light, Samantha Jo 

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