Do you have a hard time trusting yourself?

Does it feel impossible to keep the promises you make with yourself? No matter how big or small?

Have you felt resistance to showing up for yourself whether it’s through meditation, self-care or just following through on goals?

Have you been wondering why this happens but not sure how to work through it?

If this is you, then I bet at some point the negative self-talk starts to creep in and you judge yourself for not doing what you say you are going to do, right? It seems like a cycle you just can’t break yourself out of and you start to feel like a failure.

Let me tell you…YOU are NOT a failure. Resistance to growth happens for many reasons. There might be fear of the unknown, uncertainty with how to show up for yourself, you don’t feel safe to trust yourself & emotions feel stuck to name a few.

It’s easy to feel defeated and then stay in our comfort zones because at least its familiar and that sometimes seems safer.  But growth happens when we are stretched to our edges.  When we lean in towards the resistance and get curious about why it’s there in the first place. We can expand our awareness and create greater capacity to change. We will come up against resistance and tension at every next level of our life and building self-trust will ensure that you have a solid foundation to stand on when you are climbing your own ladder to success.

Self-Trust is an important foundational piece to accomplishing anything especially deepening that loving bond to your soul. No matter what the goal is that you’re trying to complete, there needs to be connection between you, your mind, body, intuition, heart, soul, nervous system & all the parts of you that are going to be working towards creating a new reality. Afterall, Change is an inevitable part of life.  You will want to be super tuned in so that you can continue to trust & follow those intuitive nudges along the way.

In this workbook, you will learn simple ways to start moving through your feelings, reprograming your thought process & begin building self-trust by keeping the promises you make to yourself.  The reflection questions are meant to expand your awareness around the patterns, themes & stories all connected to the ways you relate to, communicate with & show up for yourself.

Just remember, it’s important to meet all parts of you with love, patience, kindness & non-judgement.  You are doing the best with what you have.  So be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come.

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Self Trust

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