Are you seeking an escape from the pain that you feel? Are you stuck in negative patterns that result in using food, substances, or self-harm to deal with sadness, anxiety or depression? Are you battling with body image, eating disorders or negative self-talk? These struggles may confuse you, make you feel as if you are going crazy, or that carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Your body is the vessel that contains all of these emotions & thoughts. When left unresolved they will begin to create physical dis-ease & other uncomfortable symptoms.

You are not alone. I am here to help you navigate these difficult feelings & arrive at a place of ease & conscious awareness. Together, we will explore ways to identify & communicate your feelings, rather than repressing them & acting out. You will gain self confidence & learn to manage life on life’s terms, on the way to becoming your true self.
Finding someone you can connect with is an important first step. I invite you, to meet with me, during our consultation call, to see if we would be a good fit & to open the door to having a successful therapeutic experience. I am looking forward to being part of your healing.

We live in a fast paced society, flying by the seat of our pants with no time to sleep, sit down for meals, or look each other in the eye when talking.
This spiral and out of control feelings can cause anxiety, disconnect, guilt for not doing enough and having no time at all to get anything done. And believe me, anyone close to you will feel it, unfortunately.

What happens next? You may find yourself engaging in unhealthy behaviors that will offer the most immediate temporary relief. But long term-it wreaks havoc on your body, mental state, nervous system and relationships.

Let me explain the cycle- The stressful situation or trigger causes emotional discomfort, add to that an unhealthy coping tool (such as drinking or drugs or an Eating disorder or self harm or excessive exercising or many others) gives temporary relief, but causes even more unwanted feelings so you go back to the unhealthy coping tool for more relief and then you find yourself in an unhealthy or even addicted cycle.

Slow down. Make the time to reconnect to your breath and your body and ask yourself often, how you are feeling. This will clue you in on what to do next. Feel the feelings, hire a therapist a coach a mentor or call someone you trust to talk to and know your triggers so you don’t need to act out in unhealthy ways. That first step might be the hardest but it will be safe and benefit you in the long term.

Love & Light
Samantha Jo

Samantha Jo

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