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This is the first step to finding your freedom from within. We get clear on your intentions for our work together.
We begin to identify the patters of behaviors and stuck emotions that block you from living your best life.
We lean towards the light & allow the old ways to dissolve while creating a new way of life that brings you back to peace, happiness & love.


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1:1 Coaching


 Get a jump start on your journey home to you. 

During our time together, we will explore the inner workings of your mind, body & soul.  Identifying and Understanding subconscious activity, that keep you in repeated patterns and disconnected from your self.  We will lay a spiritual foundation to stand on & use holy breath to anchor into when the discomfort of trapped emotions begin to arise. This is simply to assist in nervous system regulation on the parts that have felt dysregulated for so long. Safety and connection is what heals after all.  This process overtime will allow your true self to emerge with a sense of agency & clarity to begin making decisions towards living a more balanced & heart centered way of life. 

Available in single sessions, 3, 6 or 12 month packages. 

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Holistic Coaching for the Mind, Body & Soul