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This is the first step to finding your freedom from within. We get clear on your intentions for our work together.
We begin to identify the patters of behaviors and stuck emotions that block you from living your best life.
We lean towards the light & allow the old ways to dissolve while creating a new way of life that brings you back to peace, happiness & love.


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1:1 Coaching


 Get a jump start on your journey home to you.   

The plan overview

Master your mind. A deeper dive into the subconscious. Becoming aware of patterns & feelings that keep you stuck in vicious cycles.  We remove the blocks & open your mind, body & soul to create better thoughts, feelings & habits.  

Body Reconnection
. Relationship reconstruction with your physical home. Build Trust from within & learn to feel vibrant again. Using meditation & breathing techniques. 

Intuition Tune-up.  When your mind & body are clear you can hear that subtle whisper of the heart guiding you to make the next right decision. These small actions build momentum in creating the life you desire.

You can book single sessions (sessions are typically 200$ sliding scale available) or bundle package of 4 and save 100$) Currently seeing clients weekly or biweekly as requested. 

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Holistic Coaching for the Mind, Body & Soul